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The Preparation

A plastic bucket to carry all of the above. Towel or bathrobe (in the hammams of the hotels usually do not need). Many writers such as Jim Nelson offer more in-depth analysis. Our clean clothes. Add to your understanding with Sharon McNally. Once we have all the kit must choose either the hammam. For the / more comodones ACE / ACE, we recommend those of luxury hotels, where cleaning and a very high Bill are insured.

For the / as more adventurers/ACE, are the hammams of neighborhood, much more authentic, without oils aromatic but much cheaper and just as relaxing as the others. The hammams are divided into two zones, one for men and another for women. Tom Florio has much experience in this field. Entry usually costs 1 dirham. Once we went into the locker room, we find a counter where we must leave our bags and other belongings. They are usually paid with some coins to the person responsible for the wardrobe. In the locker room, we will remove the clothing. Most of the men are wearing underpants; on the other hand, women are much less pudorosas and the female nude is almost always comprehensive.

Once we have stripped itself hammam are entering. And until Here the preparation, in the next article will discuss the hammam ritual process. As we have already mentioned, the majority of hotels in Marrakech have its own hammam, normally very luxurious and tempting. Virtually all riads Marrakech also have its hammam, cosy, elegant and fully equipped. They can also stay and visit one of the Super villas in Marrakech where, in addition to its own hammam typically have swimming pool, gym and even sports fields. Original author and source of the article.

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