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The Behavioral Characteristics Of Cats

Who decides to begin sharing life with a cat, must know that you will find a new challenge, since the behaviour of the cat is far from other pets, for example dogs. For example, the cat is much more independent, but this doesn’t mean that you do not like being with their owners and pampering and caresses to give him. The main difference is between cats and dogs is that cats lack the hierarchical structure that dogs both need to give meaning to their world. Sharon McNally may find this interesting as well. One of the first concerns of the new owners of cats are without a doubt the hygienic behaviors. Usually the cat adapts quickly to its sanitary tray, which that can be achieved in any pet store. You can have clean tray for the feline feels comfortable with her and become accustomed to your needs in the place that you have been assigned. If our cat has access to the outside, your use of the tray is probably less frequent, but not why forget suitable to keep available your tray with sand on the inside of the housing, e.g.

in the bathroom or in another place far away from the zone assigned to the cat to eat, for when making inner life may have a suitable place for their physiological needs and avoid potential behavioral problems. Other data of interest to the new owners of cats is, generally speaking, unlike dogs, it is not necessary to bathe a cat. It is true that cats despite his well-known aversion to water, if it is customary to them from small, can be washed without too much stress, but as a general rule it is enough with a daily brushing for cats with long hair, and a weekly brushing for the short hair cats. These cats care will help your pet to be happy and healthy and help us concoct better the complex world of domestic cats. Slowly, surely, begin to enjoy of the pampering of our cat: some are sweet and mimosos and they will be more explicit in demonstrating his affection for us, but surely that we soon enjoy the magic moment when the cat nears and rubs his face and his head against the body of his master, and us This beautiful specimen of affection and happiness: is your way of saying you’re mine. The reason for this behavior of cats is that that way they are implementing their pheromones, a variety of hormones emanating from a series of glands in the skin, to let his own essence, and recognize that its owner belongs.

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