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It looked at stops backwards in direction to its window, however it did not see more to it. >. It was a little apreensiva, after all as would make to come back? But the anguish sensation soon passed and it came back if to feel happy for being there, in that so beautiful place. She continued to walk, without direction, but to each time that its vision went if disclosing the landscape that appeared was still more charming, its eyes could glimpse a mountain chain covered for a thin vegetation, alternating infinite tones of green, were without a doubt the sight prettier than already it had seen. Suddenly a sound called it the attention: they were horses and they were many, seemed a troop. In a instinctive movement it looked some place to hide itself unskillfully, if she shrank behind a well fine tree and was twisting so that they passed that way without perceiving it. Nor all the books that already had read could have prepared it for that scene that it was seeing: a giant army of knights dresses to the medieval time, with armors swords, exhibiting an enormous standard with a symbol of a great red dragon. They were concentrated and it did not have another sound that was not the hooves of the horses beating in the soil. Ritinha at least blinked, its head was a thousand, tried of all the forms to imagine what that meant, where was or who would be those men. It felt its legs to formigarem due to unskillful position where if it found, in the attempt of if arranging, it supported itself in the twig of the tree, that was very finishes and it did not support its weight, leaving displayed ahead it of that powerful army. The men had stopped in the hour and had turned over for it, continued in silence however its looks now demonstrated certain apprehension, as they were feared for some thing, or as if some secret it was you give to be disclosed.