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The majority of German specialists and executives felt the burden through taxes and social insurance as too high. Any third parties therefore thinking about emigrating. But a survey of whether tax cuts despite the current high public debt are useful, also revealed the opinions on this subject are as divided. “Dusseldorf, November 26, 2009 – emigration is for many managers to whom we daily talk a serious option, to escape the high tax burden”, Tonio Riederer reported by pair, Managing Director at the online career Manager Placement24. “All third parties stated in the survey carried out by Placement24 often” to think about. One in eight (12.4 per cent) even said he was already specifically for ways seeking to go abroad. A comparison of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) shows that German specialists and executives in Europe must carry the second highest tax burden (at an individual and full crediting of) Employee and employer contributions to social security). According to the German Institute of economy (DIW), around 100,000 German citizens emigrate.

Highly qualified specialists and managers form the majority. Work tax cuts despite high public debt? Rahim summarizes the opinions of senior executives by pair to the announced tax relief of around 20 billion euros from 2010: half of the executives hoping that tax cuts will stimulate the economic growth. The other half afraid, however, future fees and levies, to pay for the tax reductions.” According to the survey of 1447 executives participated, 48.5 percent of the respondents tax cuts despite the high public debt is consider to be useful. Which compared with 45.