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Wall Of Rocks

I dedicate this poem to we! What the world made of us! I also dedicate it to the people who live imprisoned in the molds of the society, the greed and the badness. I dedicate to those that if leave to be manipulated as we. Robotizados, tracked, engolidos and vomited at the mercy of of obsolete concepts, dismissed of logic brought throughout our history. I want to destroy them with the heart and the sedenta mind of liberty of speech. My life! Your life! Our life! Our history! Where we are? What they had made of us? I dedicate it the spirit poor persons to it who walk its way as machines, trying to find overwhelmd answers and living to the rules brought of plant. I dedicate it our deficiencies to it not traumatic human beings and! I dedicate to the all our Judas! Imoralizados, Immortalized! I dedicate to the fellowship, friendship, pardon lack that meeting in the looks of my brothers in my day. Day this that suffocates, torments, chained and chains you to my life! However, it dies torn into pieces for my proper concepts.

I want to be free! Pure, It exempts, and Happy! I want to be girl and to play again of Ioio! I dedicate it me mainly same! Broken heart! Sedento of emotion! But bathed for the reason! Bathed for the joy of in addition all the fetters that define the reality? not mine! I want to cry out! To cry out the desire of being free to think, to program, to program me! I want to open the arms feeling rain. I want to be able to step on takes off, to sing. To love in relva, to sleep in the field of given hands with that naked me with the look. Without censorship, modesty, rancor, lovelessness! I want to go up in the trees and to eat the apple. One, two, ten times if I to want.

Without guilt and fear of the snake. I want to be! I want to kiss its lips deeply and to feel you Its desperation to love I want to see. I go with calm and soul! We have time! All time of the world! I want to see its eyes inflamed at the moment of the ecstasy. To silence your shout with my mouth! to rest after the love, untied, inside of its look. Candy! Calm! Night watchman! To look at its deep eyes to find and me in them. Transmutar! To grow! To laugh and to circle! Without fear of being happy! It comes! It comes to break this wall of rocks that separates in them. How it separates the death of the life! The sadness, of the joy! Untied this imprisoned voice in the throat, silenced for the same fears of a collective conscience, that vacant for the untied world, as punished soul that it where does not know to go. It comes! It comes! It gives its hand to me! We go to fly! We go to dream! Burrow in me to devagar well. To devagar well! It makes me to feel! Me to feel it leaves you! It feels pure and pretty the energy that dances between us. It comes! Nor that it is for the eternity of a moment, or to have the love, continuation. It comes! It leaves me to rest in your arms, Naked, deep Real and. of the star then, we will have a piece. of the wall of rocks, in tomorrow, Will only exist the trace!