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Home Appliances

First you need to make a very important point. Most brands of home appliances are sold not only in Russia. Accordingly, their producers think about the politics of production and sales in crisis conditions long before the crisis in Russia (after first crisis abroad proved to be more than a year ago.) The second point. If, during the 1998 default stores themselves were relatively small in size and number presentation of goods was naturally also small, even a small boom could quickly devastate the shelves. For more information see Center for Environmental Health. And thereby spur an even bigger buzz and, consequently, prices. Celebrity trainer gathered all the information. Third.

In 1998, it was clearly, the dollar has risen in price at times, and Western technology are likely to follow. The crisis was seen as a local. Now we are talking about the global crisis. And what will happen to the dollar or the euro in three months, you'll hardly dare to answer precisely. Fourth. Some residents have already managed to get almost all the necessary appliances. The rapid growth of consumer credit in prior years allowed to do so even relatively low Pskovians secured. True, there is a very remarkable refinement.

If the beginning of the crisis in sales of home appliances on credit, experts say, reached a peak in sales of large home appliances, this peak has already been passed. In other words, we have a little "ate" consumer credit, as opposed to car loans (possibly because of higher interest). What can be considered a positive factor for retailers who sell consumer technique.