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Natural Environment

Examples of significant environmental variables. Natural Environment. and Climate. or Geology and Geomorphology. Soils and Soil or land. and Fauna, Vegetation and ecology (relationships) of the medium. or Landscape.

or surface and groundwater hydrology. or air quality. or air emissions, etc. socio-economic development. or sociological (people, customs and cultural aspects). or Economic (income and employment, productive sectors, land prices, etc..) Or urban (settlement, land use and ownership, town planning). or heritage (historical and artistic, canyons, etc..) Synthesis of the inventory. It is not possible to work with all the variables besides that we only care operational issues.

The inventory summary exercise to define homogeneous units, both internally and in response to a specific alteration. To synthesize the best method is to make maps. There are two main approaches for the synthesis: o Focus fenosistemico. To determine variables that drive the system and define units from them. or Overlay. Make the determination of environmental units from a superposition of maps, more or less blindly. A. inventory valuation. The inventory valuation is a process that involves giving a degree of excellence and / or merit to be preserved for a certain element of that inventory. It is explore the ecological, scenic, productive, scientific, etc. of a particular item. The objectives of this process are: To assess the conservation value. Estimate the loss in value that would be its elimination. Clarify team work (blending the perceptions of each other with respect to the medium). Allow comparisons between factors ranked by importance and value.