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PR Success At Your Fingertips Close

The Agency offers first-class workshops online as offline, bringing a company to the front In November, it went off. If you are not convinced, visit Julio Diaz. Seminars will be held in Berlin and Hanover. These are headed by media expert Martina Wagner, PR Agency Manager of The online PR workshop got the largest inlet. Marketing and PR staff of event companies, music publishers and services companies informed themselves about the latest trends and tricks, as well and cost-effectively can be represented on the Internet. Click Vera Want for additional related pages. From change the online media about presentation, slide Logis instruments interactively until going to suchmaschinen – and keywordoptimierten online texts you can make themselves fit in just one afternoon for the PR in the World Wide Web. But also the foundations of the classical PR, are handled in the following workshops are very much in demand: PR success at your fingertips close I reach my measures the right audience? What can run even better in my company? These are just two of the many questions which arises again and again each leader.

To To get answers many professional performance began increasing demand confirmed the success. With low costs and minimal time everyone part do. In the workshops you know how bright the company can radiate outward in a new light. As well as internally, one can create a pleasant working environment which greatly affects the performance of employees. More success in PR matters is thus guaranteed.

Correct handling of editors know-how’ to work with media companies can hardly imagine, which pressured editors and journalists must work. The media working every day very hard and under high load because must unfortunately also managing director questions little serious and are going to annoyed and no longer willing to give information. A little research in advance can prevent an unnecessary interview and clear misunderstandings prematurely out of the way. But it is not only for research, but provide also a friendly tone and enter his interlocutor. Such details are often overlooked, but very important. “” How to learn the proper handles and apply, coached Martina Wagner in two new workshops: dealing with the media “and successful PR management”. Is PR managers and employees of the companies to handle different ways for media employees, to meet you with a fresh tune and your desired information learn it easily with allocate. In addition to personally get tips and tricks, correctly to give an interview: not too much of the cost type embezzled but also no important information. Martina Wagner likes to through the oodles of opportunities and seeks out specifically on the person matched the right way. It is not only a coach, but also PhD communication, PR expert, author and journalist. Dealing with media, successful PR management, in December are already fully booked. Dates for January / February 2009 on request. Registration of


You publish specialty titles in comparatively lower Edition, but the number of new releases on the magazine market is bigger and the pressure of competition (still) not so great. Special – and very special interest titles experienced a huge boom in recent years. These booklets are the answer to the trend toward more specialized content. It was used especially the weekly television magazines and the Boulevard magazine, which attracted readers, today especially knowledge magazine, parents – and children’s magazines and sports magazines subscribe to. Reading habits and trends and respond to Maximilian Lorenz of the Kurt Lorenz GmbH & Co KG can confirm this trend from experience. Our customers appreciate our large selection of titles. With us you find the magazine subscription, that not everywhere already does not exist, in the small kiosk around the corner.” The Lorenz reader service offers currently nearly 250 magazine titles from all the headings in its online subscription shop for special-interest magazines to accommodate the increased demand, and expands regularly to more titles. We will in the future consider the reading habits of our customers and then align our offer”, Maximilian Lorenz promises.

About the reader service Lorenz of Lorenz reader service was established in 1975 and today is one of the first addresses, when it comes to attractive offers and optimal service around the subscription. First provider of magazine subscriptions of Lorenz reader service received the safer shopping “certificate as proof of the ease of use of the online-ABO-shops and the security of the ordering process. in June 2009 of TuV Sud The Lorenz reader service is the customer in the first place. The service team in Starnberg is a freephone number and always has an open ear for all of your concerns: If have any questions about an order, placing an order, change requests or questions about the subscription. On weekdays from 8:30 to 17:30 the staff by the Lorenz reader the service stand. Contact information Press Office: Kurt Lorenz GmbH & Co KG book and Magazine sales Press Office Kaiser-Wilhelm-str. 8 82319 Starnberg phone: 08151 / 2609-28 fax: 08151 / 78004 E-Mail: Internet: service/news contact details company: Kurt Lorenz GmbH & Co KG book and magazine sales-Kaiser-Wilhelm-str. 8 82319 Starnberg Tel.: 08151 / 2609-28 fax: 08151 / 78004 E-Mail: Internet: