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Communication In The Age Of The Internet

Modern communication is no longer conceivable without an Internet connection. There was a time, everything was different and perhaps more complicated. Previously, you had to do his daily correspondence with a pen and a sheet of paper. Then, when the typewriter could be purchased, and this became a mass product, at least the laborious writing dropped by hand. The subsequent path to the post office was quite time consuming.

Then you often long waiting for a reply letter. Who needed a faster response to a question, could of course access to the telephone, should the questioner but stop abroad, such as in America, this could be an expensive question. When fax machines and cell phones in the game came, the possibility of written communication became easier and faster. The mountains of paper remained however and the mobile telephony was quite expensive in the early days of this way of communication. A major advance was to communicate the possibility at any time, but only the Web offered the opportunity of timely and trouble-free other verbal or written communication.

Two previous developments made this possible. The first computer, which was developed in Berlin, filled almost an entire apartment, the computers in the course of time became both smaller and faster. The storage media were getting bigger, but less of the construction volume of the capacity. Now you can decide between different forms of computer, like for example your desktop PC, laptop, tablets such as the iPad and Netbooks, which are basically just for the mobile use of the Web as. They all have in common: they are small, fast and have room for lots of data. Parallel to this development were established in the summer of 1955 in the U.S. the first networks University of Washington and the University of Chicago and commissioned. The military was interested in this new way of communicating and had for the first time after an own structure of computers via Web server communicate with each other they. Thus arose server and the Internet. In principle are servers machines or applications that Exchange data with other computers or applications. The first computer on which such servers were programmed, called hosts. Other machines that were connected to the network, had access to specific services of the host. The current Web also works with servers that ensure a worldwide communication. Most servers are much more powerful than traditional PC. The communication via WWW would be unthinkable without these servers. Areas in which server-client used communication channels are as follows: control of signals for train, computer management authorities (labour offices, ministries,…), control of production processes or in power plants, for MP3 download download ringtones. But where does the development of the Internet, because it is far from complete. She will be continued. Pushing new technologies on the market and old technologies are superseded by this. There are several options in the beginning of the Internet appeared unimaginable: videos are filmed directly from the screen, telephony is possible on the Web, this can be seen today even with eye contact through webcams and whose image transfer and even entire movies over the Internet. Conclusion: in company, industry, authorities, or in the policy the use of WWWs is impossible to imagine, even in the private use is as a way of communication in the first place.