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Advertising has long been an important determinant of success in a business. This would be the presentation of the product or service to consumers. What will determine the success or otherwise of the product is how he presents it, the target market to capture. Whatever the product or service advertised, the diffusion in various media also plays a large role in determining success. What might be its advantages over the competition, equaling the best way of selling TV ads? Advantages 1.

Low Cost Internet ads could be considered as long-range, compared to other media. Its cost is much less than other advertising media. There are advertisements on the Internet package offered at prices as low as $ 30 a month implementation period. 2. Capture market Should your product or service are designed to cater to specific groups or sectors, you must choose which pages to place your ads. Are will have to be related to the product or promoted services and population sector to which it is addressed. 2. No problem All you really need is a little computer knowledge and many ideas for creating your website.

Find the best Internet Ad package, and will only have to go checking and updating the status of your ad. You may never actually have to leave your home to advertise! 3. Updating ads Unlike the TV ads that need to be updated on a regular basis, Internet ads may run for an extended period without any change. To make any changes, the change in the site will be very small and can be done easily at home. Disadvantages 1. COPE if one only uses internet advertising spend this limits the market that can be captured. Although most people use the technology, ie surfing the Internet, we must recognize that the average consumer, even today, is based on the old form of advertising as a means of collecting information on certain products or services. 2. Cost If you seek additional help from a professional to create the site for your product or service, that will generate additional costs. Given the list of advantages and disadvantages of the low cost of online ads, any employer would think of applying it to your product or service; Since the aim of Internet ad is: to offer the widest range or “Maximum Exposure” of the mark in the lowest possible cost. Now, do not sound good or what?