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Urban Transport

The use of urban transport in Marrakech be quite an adventure. Marrakech is a fairly large town, with almost one million inhabitants. Most buildings are very few flats and there are many green areas, which the population is quite dispersed. But there are many means of transport in the city and different reasons for choosing each. a By bus There are about thirty or forty bus lines that run through the city and even outside.

The price is 3.50 dirhams (about 30 cents) and the major neighborhoods and sights of the city are connected with quite frequently. The main routes to and from the Medina, the railway and bus stations, the Menara Gardens and the neighborhoods of Gueliz and Hivernage, also are connected by buses at intervals of 5 to 15 minutes. These are so called Tour Buses that travel throughout the city, from downtown to the Palm. If you would like to know more about celebrity trainer, then click here. Buses are open and two floors where you can enjoy a superb view and have two routes main Marrakech Marrakech Monumental and Romantic. They have stops every 20 minutes and is priced at 130 dirhams for adults ( 11.60) and 65 dirhams (about a, 6) for children. By Taxi The taxi prices are absolutely ridiculous in Marrakech when compared to prices in Europe. There are two types of taxis in Marrakech: small taxis or taxis petits and a large taxis or taxis grands . Taxis in Marrakech are shared with other passengers, so you can hail a taxi where they already have someone and share the way, if your destination is on the road.