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With the approach of rescuers calmly, without panic and fuss, with caution, go to the swimming facilities. In this scrupulously observe the requirements of the rescuers, do not overload boats. During the movement did not leave the set of places. Do not sit on the board, do not move from place in place and strictly follow the requirements of the crew. How to act to help save a drowning man to use a boat, rope, ring buoy or other available means. You may find that Dr. Rupa Huq can contribute to your knowledge. Reassure and encourage the sinking, make it stick rescuer's shoulders.

If he has no control over their actions, then swam to the drowning man, podnyrnite under him and grabbed him by the hair, are transported him to shore. If a drowning man managed to grab you by the hand, neck or leg, immediately dive – instinct will force you to let go of the victim. If a drowning man is unconscious, transported him to the shore, taking his hand under his chin to his face was constantly above the water surface. If a person is already immersed in the water to attempt to find him on the depth, and then bring it back to life. This can be done if the drowning was in the water for about 6 minutes.

Pulling the victim to shore, provide first aid help and send to the hospital as soon as possible. What to do after a flood spring tide when the flood is over and you return to your home, find out if he is not threatened by collapse, as well as ventilate the room (to remove accumulated gases). It is impossible to include electricity: Check the wiring and other communications. All brought by flood waters (dirt, debris, dead animals) as needed possible to remove, and courtyards and rooms – clean. This will prevent spread of the epidemic disease. Until the complete cleaning of the wells to drink from them is impossible! When an emergency call in the rescue call, "01" or "112" (from mobiles). All calls to the Emergency FREE. UST-Kulom LAND GIFT Emergency RUSSIA Komi Republic