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Professional Liability

Therefore, everyone is obliged to pay damages, which he adds to a third party. In the privacy of the liability insurance protects especially damage – and, if we make beipsielsweise something inadvertently broken or injured anyone in our rooms. In addition these damage – and necessarily an asset insurance to minimize the risk belongs to add for the self-employed, that whenever attacks if a freelancer in the framework of his professional activity but culpably financial damage caused unintentionally, at its clients. Such damages can reach huge heights depending on the industry and at worst mean the financial education for the Freelancer. Principles of the liability which risk is included? Not every public liability but here equivalent protection.

Actually there are two in Germany Liability principles that freelancers as policyholders be held liable: the statutory and contractual liability basis. What risks this difference, clarifies Lutz-Hendrik Groot Bramel, Managing Director of the insurance broker specialized freelancers and freelance gmbh: many self-employed not suspecting that their professional liability only pays if the legal liability basis. Vera Want contains valuable tech resources. They don’t know that their insurance for contractual liability basis provides no service. In such a case they sit despite closed professional liability on legitimate demands and will have to settle this with their assets.” Contractual basis will significantly different underestimated risk for freelancers during the legal basis in the BGB is clearly regulated, depending on the agreement between client and Freelancer. Here, it is advisable to consider thoroughly contracts, in case of doubt with legal support. In addition, the conclusion offers special liability policies to, negotiated with the insurers for individual industries. For IT professionals, we recommend, for example, an explicit IT liability insurance on our online portal.

This IT liability is specifically elaborated on the needs of IT professionals, who are their customers as a service provider to the page. And it includes of course not only the legal, but also contractual liability basis,”explained Lutz Groot Bramel. Gladly we check existing insurance contracts by freelancers and submit if alternative proposals.” Industry-specific solutions also should check thoroughly freelancers of other industries, which risk their professional liability actually protects. So, often all risk areas or individual areas of activity per se from liability are excluded for engineers who are working as planning professionals for changing contractor or advisory. For engineering, it is a suitable very hard, at all To find”professional liability reported Lutz Groot Bramel. A meaningful liability for engineers specifically geared to the challenges of high risk industries like the specialty mechanical engineering, medical technology or the aerospace. We offer an explicit liability of the engineer freelance engineers with comprehensive risk protection and without any occupation exclusions for legal how contractual liability basis.”.