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Absolutely all the Web sites need to increase the traffic, the arrival of visitors and at the most better.Traffic is equal to money. Not always traffic is easy obtaining, has its process which can be slow, arduous and expensive especially if he is chosen to secure to the traffic payment, but as in all the things always the man finds more accessible ways for the profit of his objectives, and here I present/display some forms to obtain it free to them, has been its time but they will not regret to do it. 1.Classified announcements. Pub to bid on your Web site in the greater amount of Webs than is dedicated to the classified announcements, exists hundreds of them, is question of which you organize and you make an own directory of them and are making your publications. 2.To write Articles. It’s believed that Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta sees a great future in this idea. The commercialization of the article implies writing up relacionadosdirectamente articles with the product or service that you offer in your site and to publish them in the greater possible amount of existing article directories in Internet, also exist tens of them. The success of this method is in which these directories allow you to insert connections to your Web site within the text of the article or in a portion of the same, that is called box of resources and this has benefit double since the visitors of those directories can llegardirectamente through their connections to their site and simultaneously the directory grants to you I tie of backward movement or back Link. 3.To use the force of the sites of Social Voting. Sites like Technorati, Digg or others are powerful places from which to obtain traffic to your site, since these places are to continue reading Beam click HERE Original author and source of the article.