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Many passengers reported that the worst was the helplessness. Details about the flight, any accommodation options and possibilities for the continuation of the journey the fewest passengers were communicated by pages of Iberia. The lack of information disconcerting and disgruntled holidaymakers and travellers in addition. This resulted in some passengers frustrated debates and discussions with the staff of the Iberia and the airport. On the weekend of the 9th January 2009, units of the Guardia Civil, the Spanish police, had to intervene to appease the tempers. The police did little carefully according to eyewitness reports.

The units of the Guardia Civil are extremely rude to waiting passengers have rejected. “The Spanish official Fernando Palao, Chief of the Secretaria of General de Transportes, which in turn is incorporated in the Ministry of infrastructure and development and officially investigated the incidents at the most important airport in Spain, indicated in public statements that he claims by passengers of cancellations and delays of flights due to the snowfall and the fog and the legal qualification as force majeure for tough” holds. Fog and snowfall, leading to chaos at the airport, basically as force majeure, so-called force majeure are legally”to be classified. For affected passengers, which means that claims for compensation could not be enforced. The material and legal situation as simple but doesn’t seem to be. So the Minister for infrastructure and development, Magdalena alvarez, and thus direct superiors Palaos, announced that an investigation had been initiated, which clarify “should, if the chaos at the Madrid-Barajas airport on the weekend of January 9, 2009 on the non functioning of the Administration, or on weather conditions” had. It concerns not the cancelled flights and long delays due to the Ausstandes of pilots and other staff of the Iberia. Here, there are still no results of the ongoing investigation of the Secretaria of General de Transportes.