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Customer Relationship Management Key Success Factor In The Leasing Industry

LeasePlan Australia opts for CRM integration ecenta Walldorf, March 10, 2011 – LeasePlan renewed his roughly 30-year-old CRM system Australia and is familiar from now on a comprehensive SAP CRM solution that implements ecenta of the SAP software and consulting. The aim of the new system is among other things a marked increase in efficiency through the use of Web portals for customers and suppliers, as well as a streamlining of processes. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Cindy Crawford by clicking through. Also a reduction in complexity is sought through the high degree of automation of the lease of life cycles and the integration of all existing systems into a single core system. Corporate fleet management and leasing are characterized by fierce competition, growing customer requirements and complex regulations. LeasePlan is the responsibility to help its customers reliably and flexibly at any time mobility”, reported Hanno Hofmann, CEO of ecenta AG.

To succeed under these conditions, companies must regularly provide both process and product innovations and technological upgrade for the demands.” The company is a subsidiary of the Dutch LeasePlan Corporation worldwide cared about 1.4 million vehicles in the operational fleet management. In Australia, the company employs around 400 staff, has a fleet of 90,000 vehicles, and offers over 1,200 customers, in addition to pure finance leasing of also additional services such as maintenance and repair, and insurance. LeasePlan Australia sees great potential to adapt to future-proof and offer lasting added value to its customers especially in the area of customer relationship management. The 30-year-old CRM system that is associated with 20 other systems, and where no integration between the Web applications and the backend is repeatedly proved a drag on the business development. The existing infrastructure is now replaced by a modern leasing solution.

It is important to provide not only the proper software, but also a good partner to our customers for us. Even the best software can only then play their strengths, if it is implemented by experts. The financing business is complicated and requires, for example, experience in the integration with billing systems. We bring this experience”, explains Hanno Hofmann. The SAP leasing application covers all requirements for the core processes of leasing business. Full service leasing, price management, offer management, marketing, resale and financing these include.” In the framework of the project, the consultant of ecenta AG in addition to SAP implement full service leasing, for example, also the Vertragskontenverwaltung, SAP supplier relationship management, and business warehouse solution. Attention places ecenta on the implementation of the Web portals and automating time-consuming processes such as, for example, the creation of offers and contracts.

StayGuest Offers Free Christmas Mailings

News from the StayGuest StayGuest, the Web-to-mailing service of Berlin-based ODS GmbH, is a year old and is giving away for that reason three Christmas mailings. Participants can register until October 16. For about a year, there is now the service StayGuest developed by the ODS GmbH, the Berlin Pro for printing and shipping. To the customers and those who still want to, ever the Christmas time to tune in to, StayGuest is giving away three full postcard mailings to 500 addresses, to redeem including postage and shipping, up to December 31, 2009. Credit: Healthy Living-2011. The deadline for entries for the sweepstakes is the 16th October. StayGuest was targeted for the hotel industry and gastronomy develops and provides a simple and effective direct marketing service. Hoteliers and restaurateurs can select in five easy steps greeting cards with custom motifs, those with individual text, logo and send signature provided and post it to the guests. Many writers such as Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta offer more in-depth analysis. The title is the name of the addressee and gives individuality each card as a result.

By sending personalized postcards to guests or potential buyers, up to 50% can be achieved more guest bookings. To Marianne Peltzer, customer support StayGuest: When we started with our service StayGuest about a year ago, we were despite the previous market analysis of course is stretched, accepted by the hoteliers and restaurateurs like our service. Now we know that the decision to bring StayGuest, the start was right. More and more customers are using our quick and easy way for your mailing campaigns. With the competition we us for our loyal customers for the cooperation want to thank you and all those who are not there, give the chance to try out once free of charge with any luck StayGuest.\” For the participation in the StayGuest sweepstakes, it is only necessary to register on the site gewinnspiel.php, to fill the sample card to the prize draw and submit virtual.