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Stain Remover

Often, she filled many detergent or soap powder 'for safety', believing that this way you can better wash out / wash / clean off, respectively linen / dishes / floor, etc. But it's not quite true. Pouring a lot of money we're more a part of it simply merged into the sewer because it simply does not have time before the end of dissolved. The result is an injury and , since virtually all household chemicals are not 100% safe for the environment and its large number of falls into the sewer. 4) The use of universal household chemicals.

Generic household products in Russia, something quite new and for a long time, they were the only foreign production. But now, many domestic companies have started production of universal tools for home and lifestyle. But another question arises: which of them can boast that it does not cause skin irritation and is non-toxic? I personally know of only one such tool – Locks Eco. Facility name is an abbreviation and stands for the local means . What is the advantage of this tool? Firstly, it has low toxicity (acute toxicity of 6000 mg / kg, lethal dose LD50 is not established), which corresponds to gost 12.1.007-76. Secondly, it has a very low irritant to the skin (0.3 points at a rate of up to 2), which corresponds to the me 1109-73.

Third, Locke-Eko has a wide range of applications. Can be used as: – Wiper – carpet cleaner – cleaner for leather products; – a tool for polishing plastic, plastic furniture – a means to take care of household and office equipment – car shampoo – Stain Remover – shampoo for washing vacuum cleaner – cleaner bitumen stains, resins from the buds of trees, chewing gum, etc. – for washing floors with any surface – cleaner plumbing, kitchen furniture, plates, tiles, ducts, and more. To summarize, I want to say to all readers from the article: the choice is Vami.Udachi in all good endeavors!

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