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Rosenthal Now On Offer At 1001hochzeitstische

For your wedding table of the products of traditional porcelain factories, not only the grandparents enthusiastic fine porcelain, the young generation increasingly appreciate the value of a high-quality service. The trend also has expanded its product range in the field of table and table. Finally today noble porcelain on almost any wish list can be found. The world-famous company Rosenthal, under whose roof, traditional brands such as Hutschenreuther and Thomas are connected with innovative ideas is one of the most popular manufacturers for this purpose. founded in 1814, the name is Hutschenreuther today for excellent quality and stylish elegance in classical tradition. The world famous series in the blue onion pattern is popular with young and old and turns a simple table with much attention to detail in a festive dinner table.

The tradition brand Thomas combines the highest standards of design, function and universal benefits for more than 125 years. Offering contemporary design and the highest quality of Thomas porcelain versatility of use. To meet the range of Thomas all tasks of everyday life, shine but also for festive occasions and dinner with family and friends. The page 1001hochzeitstische the traditional idea of a classic wedding table translates easily and flexibly as a romantic online Variant. On 1001hochzeitstische, brides and grooms have the opportunity, composed of numerous, high-quality products from vendors such as robbe & Berking, to choose their desired gifts for wedding table Victorinox, Eisch and Alessi. The offered gifts ranging from high-quality textiles for the home to adventure travel, fine porcelain, and consumer electronics. The wedding guests can choose online a product to the wish list with just a few clicks of the mouse, that they want to give away. So that every guest can contribute its part to the great passion, it is to share free price increased gifts the bride and groom into several pieces. Manja Kuchel, 1001hochzeitstische

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