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Result Of The Climate-neutral Weeks On The Postprint Berlin Announced 2,100 Euros For Climate Protection – ODS GmbH

News from the Office data service GmbH the climate-neutral weeks of ODS – Office data service GmbH, which ran from 6 April to 7 may (end of the fair the postprint Berlin), a remarkable result achieved, which benefit from a climate protection project in China. es his thoughts on the topic. “” We know mostly the best comes at the end and so the ODS GmbH for the finale of the postprint trade fair had on May 7, where you as an exhibitor with the concept of sustainability climate-neutral production of mailing and shipping “in the special print + marketing” was the announcement of the result of the climate-neutral lifted weeks. It ran from 6 April. This all incoming printing and shipping orders made within the framework of the eco2 lettershops, which climate-neutral can provide the complete production processes as a single letter shop, automatically carbon neutral for the customers. The costs have been taken over by ODS and are now supporting the ClimatePartner climate protection project landfill gas”in Suzhou used. In the climate-neutral weeks Druckhaus Berlin functioned as project partner Middle.

Together, 175 tonnes of CO2 could be compensated and passed on the last day of the fair with a cheque amounting to 2,100 euros to ClimatePartner the action. Climate-neutral with the result of the action weeks, we are very satisfied. We think that we could be interested in many of our clients on the subject of climate and environmental protection. Because the CO2 release is an ODS standard offer, we assume that customers continue to carbon neutral will be orders the action after”, Stefan Schroter, CEO of ODS can be announced. At the booth of ODS GmbH could visitors is not only well informed about climate neutrality and the eco2 lettershop, but with a little luck, some win. To only two questions on CO2 emissions had to be answered correctly. More than 100 visitors to the booth took part in the competition.

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