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Plasterboard Partitions – Dry Construction Method

What are the advantages of dry-interior decoration? Interior finish dry areas with technology firms 'Knauf' has a long row of bezspornyh advantages over traditional 'wet' method of decoration. As you know, any repairs in an apartment or house is always accompanied with a large volume of material work: wall decoration, repair or replacement of floors, ceilings, tiling, warm floors, replacement of plumbing, replacement windows, balcony repairs ilil balconies, replacement of electrical wiring and so on. Sometimes it seems that this process of repair flats will never end, especially if you have to make alterations. Time will be spent on repairs is much less if you apply a system of dry construction firms 'Knauf'. And when you have conceived to construct new plasterboard partitions, the system 'Knauf' – a real find: You do not need to think about the additional burden on the ceiling. Due to low weight and thickness of walls 'Knauf' change room configuration is not only possible but easy. Moreover, for sanitary or electrical equipment, communication is very easy to hide in walls or ceilings.

It is very important and that the amount of construction waste is minimal, construction waste, requiring the removal or disposal, almost no. Interior finishing drywall, you can immediately handle the surface because there is no need to wait several weeks until the dry out the walls. This is especially important to professional builders, because time – is money, as well as for kilenta. So, if you summarize, the advantages of interior decoration by dry construction are as follows: Light weight and wall thickness of the drywall; minor amount of garbage and construction waste; speed, flexibility and cost performance of work; quick drying, the surface immediately ready for processing; gypsum ensures optimal indoor climate.

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