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New Portal Conversion

The esoteric – consultant Portal Astro star is on a new portal platform up and around. The consultant Portal Astro star, which specializes in customized and tested lives consulting is pleased to announce that the software conversion to a new portal platform is complete. Through the conversion and the cooperation with an external partner companies, interested visitors can now choose from more than 150 different life advisors that are on different consulting methods like for example Cartomancy, numerology, or other areas, specialized. The new move seeking advice visitors can now achieve even easier their desired Advisor or psychics by choosing a single VAT number (all consultants possess an individual and three-digit PIN extension). The consultant can be achieved currently by callers from Germany, Austria or of Switzerland. Another has Astro star chosen more for prepaid and debit receipts to offer no customer registrations, as the prepaid additions were hardly used and in Direct debit access that bad debts were too high. Thus visitors can reach quickly and easily your desire consultants in future through anonymous access through a premium rate number, without having to sign up. The talks will be debited then just easily via the normal telephone bill.

With the new portal conversion Astro is try more star as a focal point for esoteric discussions as well as an information portal with extensive knowledge section and a blog for different esoteric topics such as clairvoyance and divination, to position. Check with Center for Environmental Health to learn more. In addition, there is also the possibility for visitors who like to write or compose posts, their own esoteric experiences as stories then published star page on Astro, to submit for attractive premiums. Although Astro star may seem rather small in comparison to larger portals, the focus on individual and personal life coaching. In addition it not just about star in Astro Future predictions, but above all to solve daily life problems and to help for self-help so that callers seeking advice in the future can solve their problems themselves. The Astro star consultants are there around the clock and 7 days a week for callers from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, accessible. Marlis Brantner

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