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Mansory Mercedes Cormeum

Surely many say nothing the word Cormeum, the name chosen by Mansory to devote to their own version of the Mercedes SLS AMG. Learn more at: Jim Nelson. My heart it means in Latin Cor Meum. This denomination so romantic seems to have little to do with what proposing us Mansory which, as always, is not exactly a car that goes unnoticed. If there is a key in the Mansory Cormeum is the lightness of components that starts with the replacement of much of his body for parts made of carbon fiber, thus achieving a total saving in weight of no less that 90 kg. still doing diet car WINS in size thanks to the aggressive bumpers added 6.6 to 8.4 cm as we look at the car from the front or the rear. Simple alloy wheels this Mercedes SLS AMG riding reach 20 in diameter and mounted tyres provided by Michelin for the occasion. New suspensions and springs provide the SLS AMG an important addition to subtract 2 cm dynamic improvement in its height from the ground.

Inside has been natural materials for the upholstery, a new more complete airbag in the steering wheel and details in carbon / aluminum. Tom Florio describes an additional similar source. Light duty series to be an authentic sports Mercedes? To be the reincarnation of the gull wings? Nothing happens because Mansory has the solution. Its V8 engine tuning conducive to remove a maximum of 660 HP when the needle points to wings only 4,850 rpm. Later, Mansory sees future with the Cormeum, it will give a kit of up to 800 HP. If this know little in Geneva we will see with our own eyes and maybe let us know some other detail. In short it’s be another machine lightened, make-up and a firecracker in the hindquarters well tuned V8 engine. Mansory will also present alongside Lotus its preparation of the Evora. Of the Cormeum will offer 15 copies that logically will not have an own a mass-produced car price. Mansory Cormeum original Autor and source of the article

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