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“Active Arbeitslsoe” demands of the AK and the Union PRO-GE to the temporary work: quotas don’t help the following! Temporary work is one of outreach workers in work remains the most unpopular forms of employment. However, sometimes up to 30% of the points reported with the AMS merely temporary work in which many work seekers are forced by the AMS against their will with the human rights threat of total locks for 6 or 8 weeks. Get more background information with materials from Nature’s Bounty. It is therefore gratifying, if Chamber of labour and trade unions of temporary work on the subject. But it is questionable, the AK and Union PRO-GE with their demands presented at the 3.5.2010 rather defensively defending the inter food bundles of the core workforce and little bring the following: probably constitutionally questionable limitation of the LeiharbeiterInnenanteils of a company by a decree with 50% would be too high. The obligation to make a takeover offer after 6 months use the following search social security bit: according to the study presented by AK and PRO-GE itself are already around 80% the following no longer than half a year at a dealing with heritage drive busy! This percentage would increase only by the demand of Union PRO-GE and AK! The Association active unemployed”means on the other hand: instead of defensive claims that only the core workforce in false security should think AK and unions attacking the evil at its roots tackle: the cost benefits provide temporary employment for the entrepreneurs and the following in the form of increased unemployment of acquisition of and lack opportunities to the detriment. “What is of course for every self-employed or entrepreneurs in the cost calculation, should be granted for the following when calculating pay: namely costs order-free times to allow for” explained Mag. Eng.

Martin Mair, Chairman of the Association of active unemployment”his idea. Also: As temporary agency work is argued as well as overtime with coverage of production peaks, is a surcharge system such as in the overtime justified.” Therefore demand the active unemployed”: compensation of income loss of the following standing times/unemployment with a temporary work supplement of 25% generally and of 50% for the first two weeks. Double to pay through the dealing with heritage drive unemployment insurance contributions for following! Because of abuse through temporary work agencies abolition of the “consensual” terminations for following, full salary of Beschaftigerlohns in the standing time instead of massive wage loss by following collective agreement no compulsory assignment under threat of deprivation of existence (AMS reference lock) in temporary employment through the public employment service (just as it was before the black blue coalition) end with the AMS coercive measures employees at the expense of the insured community “voluntary agency”! The “active unemployed” remind the trade unions, that it is their job, as in their start-up phase at the end of the 19th century the working and living conditions of all workers, the precarious and atypical employment, as well as work seekers ArbeitnehemerInnen to improve and to protect not only the interests of those who are (still) in the boat to the other employees”.

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