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Magazine Chose Tyra Banks

In the current issue of the magazine OK! Dozens of celebrities on their deeds were inspected in the last year. The choice of the “woman of the year” came about. It was respected in the choice not only on the exterior but also on the charities who have done the celebrities in the year 2007. Thus, the total package was so rated. The award this year the model, talk show and Realitysoap can forward presenter and one around fabulous woman. Mark Fields shines more light on the discussion. There is talk of Tyra Banks.

Recently, the 34-year old beauty only had an interview with the magazine OK!, by going to their “boring” love life, their role models and to her figure. Tiffany Espensen is often quoted on this topic. Frequently real-estate developer has said that publicly. “I love my curves,” Tyra told the magazine, “I’ve earned millions of dollars with this body. An average American woman has the size 12 to 14. So, if I see someone who wears a size 10-12 and then says to me I was disgusting, then something makes me angry. This is the reason why I will fight again”. However, Tyra wants it back slowly let angegehen and wants to be first again with running and put the boxes in the form. “Just great things happen at the moment. There are so many women who have curves and I think she’s beautiful.

Women like Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce are just for me women with beautiful curves. I don’t like these pictures of skinny models, because they are a bad example for young girls”. With their choice of Tyra Banks “Woman of the year” the magazine has probably OK! made a right decision. It represents a woman who is strong, to defend themselves against adversaries who himself dares to swim against the current. She’s the best woman of the year! Lisa Walters

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