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Madrid Stock Exchange

Caja Segovia and its social area was responsible for putting up bag 2010 game, an edition of which a group of students from the Institute of secondary education of Cuellar has been winning. Under the GABA System name and the supervision of the Chief teacher, students collected the award at the Madrid Stock Exchange in a ceremony that also included activities in the capital of Spain during two days. The game bag is a European competition that, on this occasion, has counted with the participation of seven countries; France, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy and Luxembourg. In the national context, savings banks are responsible for its organization and promotion. For assistance, try visiting supermodel. Bag game is an activity of formative nature where young people learn how to work the stock markets. Comprised of teams ranging between 4 and 8 participants aged between 14 and 20 years and under the supervision of a teacher, the participants of the game in the bag compete in markets with a virtual capital of 50,000 euros for two months and a half.

Assumption of responsibilities, evaluation of alternatives for investment, mobilization of portfolios and in general, all information related to the activities inherent to the brokers, are the actions that must be performed each of you groups in pursuit of achieving the best final return for your investment. The winners of this edition of the game in the bag, shall receive permission two cash for 1,000 and 500 euros, that will be awarded to the two teams with the best results. Within the success of this call for proposals emphasizes the participation increasingly active educational centers, a trend that leads to reflect on the importance of equipping future generations of knowledge and skills necessary to achieve success in their investment, specifically in bag.

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