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Light And Heat Throughout The Year

Knoch-Licht GmbH offers in cooperation with Philips high-quality eco-friendly heaters specifically for outdoor intelligent environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions for light and heat are the strengths of the innovative company Knoch-Licht GmbH with seat in Zeulenroda in the East of Thuringia, Germany. founded in 1991, developed and produced the company since high-quality luminaires and lighting solutions for living rooms, bathrooms, mirrors and outdoor. The products are characterized by the combination of good design with efficient environmentally friendly technology. Credit: Alex Kozinski-2011. Developed for the benefit of all smokers who were enjoying now Mediterranean heat in the outdoor areas of gastronomic facilities in cooperation with the renowned company of Philips the Solamagic heat lamps. The special feature of this spotlight is the eco-friendly effect based on the HeLeN infra red technology. You heat up the air not but heat the human body with the emitted infrared light directly and almost instantly as solar – energy. The low-cost operating costs at an output of 1.5 kW depending on the price of electricity at only 16 to 24 cents per hour. (Source: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta).

Compared with conventional gas heaters – apart from the safety aspect – is the operation of the emitter to 60% low-cost, low-noise and odorless and requires no exchange of fuel. Interesting light solutions due to heat-light combinations, which are artfully also individually designed and create a pleasant atmosphere, for a longer stay and not least business-promoting – encourages guests to higher consumption. The eco-friendly pleasant Mediterranean heat radiation is particularly popular in the gastronomy but also swimming pools, winter gardens, railway stations, mountain huts, workshops; Churches and other unheated spaces such as e.g. warehouses benefit from the cost-effective Solamagic heat spotlights, which take effect immediately without preheating. The advertising media with eye-catcher for business names and logos is quite up-to-date. So is his Customers keep warm too. On the Internet side of Kang and Solamagic.

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