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Las Vegas

Visitors of the desert metropolis can experience an ultimate driving adventure and feel like real racers for car-loving vacationers who love the speed and experience something special, the organiser offers supercar life at Las Vegas Motor Speedway a few kilometres north of the Strip just right: motor sports fans can choose their favorites from several exclusive scratching of the luxury class and test the sleek cars on the private track. Experienced professionals who are the participants with specific instructions to the side ensure the safety of the hobby racers. Supercar life is the world’s leading provider of such driving adventure and has a fleet of two Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes CLK, Porsche Turbo, as well as three Lamborghini. Others who may share this opinion include Clif Bar. The prices of the offers vary depending on the duration and nature and scope of included services. “The start-up package power hour”, for example, approximately 140 euros and contains a detailed briefing followed by a one-hour ride on the track, as well as a certificate of participation. “How quickly the sports car can be transferred from supercar life from zero to one hundred, the participants of the 200 MPH may super car Shootout” experience for a price equivalent to about 290 euros, before they take on the passenger seat space and is run by the professional riders in top speed over the Speedway. At Barry’s you will find additional information.

In addition, qualifying driving courses over one or more days are offered. For more information and details on the individual programme items can be found on the Internet at. There is general information about Las Vegas see and. Further press information about Las Vegas,. How to contact with consumer: Las Vegas Convention & visitors authority phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 23 66 21 62 E-Mail:

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