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Why are there clogging sewers. What to do about it. Anna Wintour is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The most basic reason for blockages – the use of wastewater in a garbage bag. James Smith may find it difficult to be quoted properly. By and large, in the town house, in the process of intensive water consumption, large discharge of partially self-cleaning system is. But this does not help with devil-may-care attitude, when the toilet is trash, cleaning, half-eaten pieces of food. Such an attitude inevitably over time lead to clogging of pipes, mainly affected places and transitions of the compounds. Not excluded clogging pipes and in normal operation. In what may be the reason? I guess everyone saw that if a bucket of dirty water just splash out, then at the bottom dirty residue left? And try to rotate the bucket, creating a rotation, the precipitate rise and some time will be in the water in the form of suspension.

In the sewer the same thing – there is a natural fluid current in the pipes, dirt particles do not deposited on the walls, decreased the amount of water, the particles are deposited, formed blockages. In order to self-cleaning sewage, dirt particles must remain in suspension, and this rate of flow in pipes turns out to be not less than 0.7 meters per second and water level in the tube should be not less than one-third the diameter. The older the pipes, the more risk of blockages, often due to the inner surface rust becomes more uneven, and eventually turns on the walls of more layers. More common than pipe connections, variations and twists, so naturally increases the possibility of congestion sanitation. In order to prevent even if there is no blockage, sewer pipes periodically certainly need to clean. For this, the system mounted sealing manholes and pipes in the walls of the holes closed with a stopper 'clean'. Typically, these openings mounted in the complex field sanitation, in the place where the sharp change in direction of movement of water, behind a branch, before indentation, etc.

In order to clean the pipe as a preventive measure and to remove blockages unparalleled tool proven to serve – the rope plumbing. Experience has shown that while there is nothing safer Sale rope plumbing is usually bundled with disposable instruments – nozzles, facilitate work and increase the quality of cleaning. It is considered the norm, that filled bath should be emptied of water for three minutes, if at such time, all the water from the tub does not leak, possibly brewing problem. Not bad suspends sediment build-up in the sink grease trap is a special device, mounted in the sink pipe. A simple principle – it took a lot of water into the sink, the pipe cleaner will be, though it is not correct from the point of saving water. And if assuming that it is better to change the slope of the pipe upward? Water will definitely faster, but the presence of some water in the pipes sewer pipes will certainly fall and vice versa are more likely to clogged. In the case of larger cross-section tubes, the result, and this time the low level of discharge. What do you do? You can often drain a lot of some water, though it is not economical. And if we increase the slope of pipes, but then have to frequently clean the sewer cable sewer system. So it turns out that the most effective way to fight against obstruction – an ordinary accuracy: do not use drains as garbage, cleaned and time to correct faults plumbing fixtures and sewer pipes.

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