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Importance Of Regular Exercise

Only regular exercises provide security at the Enstfall Brachttal Neuenschmidten (hop) – only continuous exercise makes you fit for the real thing, which of course everyone hopes he may never arrive. So, Heiko Schmidt and Sebastian Eckert designed a scenario in which a fire broke out in the kindergarten. This first “only” a fire was adopted, followed by still a person and a person search with the thermal imaging camera. To know more about this subject visit Rand Paul. Ten forces led by military leader Andreas Garcia and Ralf Loffler were in use. Even Mayor Mirko Schutte is convinced local, that “his” fire cope with the difficult demands. For all like clockwork goes well, it is but not alone done with practice, therefore, the theoretical instruction of use tactics and procedures were went through on the eve. This affected both the procedures can be found in the enclosed usage, so the fire fighting and people rescue but also the open usage, so either firefighting or rescue people.

These inserts require the use of respiratory protection. Not everyone can perform such use in full gear. Therefore stand at the beginning of a medical checkup and a completed training to the respirator wearer. Annually prescribed loading and exercises ensure maximum expertise. The demands placed on the Wehrler on a mission with respiratory protection, are extremely high. This is true not only for the psyche, bringing an emergency with you, but also physically. Anyone who knows a diving equipment, can imagine at least begin it.

But depending on the required facilities, the weight of the equipment is here but good 30 kilograms, possibly hose weight of about 80 kilograms, that must be considered in case of unfavourable through narrow corridors in upper floors. Yet the heat comes to the smoke: a full room fire temperatures from 600 to 800 degrees are realistic. In real use, heat on the suit, which it also stores are between 60 and 70 degrees. As a result Body temperature rises to 40 to 45 degrees. So it is no longer surprising that under such difficult conditions, the maximum working time is at about 20-30 minutes. After that the human organism is completely drained, the sweat flows freely and already some bottles of water is needed to compensate for the loss of fluid. Only constant exercise and high expertise guarantee that the workers against the normal escape reflex after their mostly volunteer task, to help the citizens. And they do it not only voluntarily, but also in their free time, often at great personal sacrifice.

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