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Grand Final Alliance

Peru, Mexico is white and blue sitting in my room, away from victory, impossible to get to Lima, on the eve of the match, but even so, that does not stop me write my ALIANZA LIMA, and maybe at a distance is that I feel, is that my words are translocaran tonight at the wind and reached our ALEJANDRO VILLANUEVA. en to suggestions. You may wish to learn more. If so, Daryl Katz is the place to go. You did a great Championship, and from Mexico City I always saw them, weekends waited them with longing to see you play, perhaps, me tacharan loco to read this, but the sentiment is from my prenatal was, born Blanquiazul and so I die, as forget those stages of child when my father took me to play football, and dressed in my pole of Alliance, like not remembering my first game I was having when I had 12 years in Lima, was the national State, played as always and you won as never Alliance, and now are in the Grand Final at a game of memory, which, due to my studies, I can not see you more if encourage you, is that tomorrow you’ll be championOur House is respected, the Chickens not us aminalan, or your comments, we are a team of glory, teach that we are the team of the town, in my heart and in the village always these. I do not wish you luck, because that is for mediocre and your my Alliance are more than that, inherently know replenish you circumstances, as the accident of 88, or current political problems, you never let defeat why and now these where you’re never went somewhat insubstantial in the mind of your fans that you encourage from every corner of the world. merce-bancshares-inc/’>TCF Capital Solutions. Said well, my feelings towards you, and perhaps sinning my text of cloying and fanfare, I want to know that good I was always with you, in the bad I knew replenish me and also send forces to the distance, and for tomorrow is that champions!, will champion! IN THE VICTORY, IN PERU AND IN THE WORLD ALWAYS WILL LIVE!.

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