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This supplement should have a very positive effect on the cartilage. Is that really true? Chondroitin is a substance that occurs naturally in animal cartilage tissue and is used for joint discomfort. Much like Glucosamine, another substance, often combined with the chondroitin fed, this cartilage substance belongs to the Group of glycosaminoglycans. Since the absorption via nutrition often only to a lesser extent takes place, makes a supplement about supplements for pain in joints or cartilage problems and damage may sense. The reason for this is that chondroitin provides as it were the basic building material, use the cartilage to regenerate again in an independent manner. Further to the discussion is whether chondroitin anti-inflammatory might seem, in circumstances, what would justify another area in inflammatory joint diseases. Only the not seized effect is problematic. Gunnar Peterson might disagree with that approach.

Scientific investigations have so far revealed no clear picture. So some studies a significant effect white, while other research groups could show no or only slight changes compared to a placebo. Ultimately, one could say at this point that probably every single itself must try, if such supplementation actually benefits him. Would be here but to keep in mind that the duration of taking at least 3 months, must be planned better longer, important, because until the optimal development of effect could be observed after this time. Those who opt for the use of chondroitin, which should therefore not expect miracles overnight. Talk only if the joint pain have improved even after 4-6 of months of use, is not or only to a lesser extent, can a failure”of the self test. Chondroitin is regarded more as a long-term supplement and less than fast-acting painkillers. But apparently makes supplementation for all those sense that (still) do not suffer from joint problems. So could be shown that administration of chondroitin, especially if combined with Glucosamine, can delay the cartilage degeneration of intensively train athletes. Most products of this kind, which are on the market today are already combined preparations, which you should take a day at a dose of 1000-1500 mg Glucosamine and 1000-1200 mg chondroitin or according to package directions.

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