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French Foreign Legion

On 14 July last celebrated one hundred and ten years of the storming of the Bastille, event par excellence that is identified to the French Revolution and the great changes that she introduced, such as the of the definite implementation of capitalist production system and the abolition of absolute monarchy. Do on the other hand, in one of those coincidences of life, the 20 previous June, at his own residence in Dreux (Normandy) and the ninety years of age had died the only pretender to the French throne, Prince Henri d?D ‘ Orleans, Comte de Paris. With him disappeared also, at least temporarily, any desire to revive the monarchy in that country, because his eldest son, the Earl of Clermont, married Marie-Ther? is of Wurttemberg, after having given his military service in the French army, he enlisted in the wonderful world of business and does not want to know anything about politics. The count of Paris, was born in the Gallic Aisne, on July 5, 1908. His father, the Duke of Guise, married to Isabelle d’ Orleans-Bragance or Isabelle of France, had become Chief of the House of France and pretender to the Crown on the death of his cousin, the also Duke of Orleans, in 1926, who left no male heirs. Henri d?Orleans had to leave the country since then, in fulfilment of the famous law of exile of 1886 which provided the death penalty for heads of families that had reigned in France and all its direct heirs.

He only returned to their homeland in 1950, when the National Assembly decided to repeal this rule. During his stay abroad he published two books (essay on the Government of tomorrow and the proletariat) which earned him sympathy within the media antimonarquicos and founded the Royal Mail newspaper, taking care of your address to? douard de la Rocque. His nationalism led him to ask, insistently, the Government the incorporation to the army during the early years of the second world war, obtaining sadly its mission in 1939 when He was admitted to the French Foreign Legion as private second class, under the name of Henri Orliac, citizen Swiss, originally from Geneva!

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