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Exercise with Dumbbells

Once passed the most difficult part of the lift, exhale. Once the dumbbells almost touch each other, pause, and more stronger chest muscles tighten. Tips Do not use excessively heavy weights. They will force you to bend the arm at the elbow and lower your elbows well below shoulder level. The more you bend your elbows, the more Breeding resemble bench. Moreover, lowering the elbows are much below the shoulders, you are dangerous to carry the load on the focus of the shoulder joint. Holding my breath, you do not allow to relax the muscles, stabilizers, that hold the torso in a stable position. So, thereby to strengthen the foundation on which rests the muscles, lifting the load.

Having overcome the most difficult part of the motion in the phase information of dumbbells, be sure to make blow. It will remove the excess pressure in the chest. Dilution of dumbbells lying – one of the best exercises for developing the middle of the chest, giving the breast "cool", a convex shape, as well as for "design" a clear division between left and right pectoralis major muscle. Make sure that throughout the motion angle of the elbow remained unchanged, while the mixing and dilution of hands took place exclusively in vertical plane passing through the shoulders. In no case do not tear off your feet off the floor before the end of sets and do not put them down on a bench in an attempt to reduce pressure on your lower back.

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