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Sublimation is a kind of satisfaction without repression. this means that the drive to achieve his goal rather than a return to the source, since that would return to repression, but in the branch outward, ie concerning the sublimation death instinct. In this sense, Lacan argues that the death drive, as will to destroy is a creationist, because the move towards the annihilation of the object produces a vacuum, nothing from which something can be created there to serve to represent metonymically that hole, implying the above that there is no identity between sublimation and creation, the first would raise the lack of concerns the dignity of das Ding, is renewed through metonymic lack – in the seminar on “The Ethics.” Lacan places the problem of sublimation in the difference going from the thing to the object as it is structured in narcissistic relationship – creating, however, is subject to the realm of metaphor that builds along the gap, creating a Aufhebung of sublimation: the painter’s blank canvas, the blank sheet of poet, the hole around which the potter shapes his pitcher Heidegger, a vacuum is defined in relation to significant discharges in outline. The term creation, used here, refers not only to that which is conceived as a work of art, but also implies the set of theories and mythography that science and religion have been built in order to explain the origin of mankind and the world This would be something like the creation that is about the creation, in which any language about the origin raises the ask for the thing.. Learn more at: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta.

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