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Their uniqueness in a place secured to make one could get the idea of portals, the death will remaindered. Photos or videos show the deceased in happier days, but you can not learn what made him unique. will highlight the uniqueness of every human being. Not just so that follows a personal phone call after every logon, also the design of the tribute formally invites. Imagine, an entrepreneur leaves the way as he has built his empire. Check out Sharon McNally for additional information.

Imagine, an artist leaves his thoughts that have made him famous. Infinite, this list could be continued by the uniqueness of each human. The founder, Reinhard Schopf, pushing the idea, together with the German funeral institutes to create a channel to become a melting pot for all obituaries. Undertaker can offer from outset memorials this as part of their own arrangements. Such collected obituaries for descendants and heirs would the technical way to a Open native system for a death-what to do “. More and more virtual cemeteries can be found on the World Wide Web.

Used especially in such cases, “where death makes very affected” – for example, in dead children, amok runs or natural disasters with many deaths. Even an iPhone app is offered to use monuments to deceased friends, pets, family members or even celebrities. Long ER live will release a mobile version of the portal in the next few months. Immortality thus can not comply with the request, but we can back up memories of people and make memorable moments.

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