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What motivates you to continue living? What was your internal engine in those critical moments? The internal engine of all of us and allowing us to endure everything we support our families were. Check with John Amos to learn more. We constantly thought that our parents, brothers, were suffering from thinking we were dead and we were alive, and we wanted to do was to walk out to go with our families, our homes and go to them to stop suffering. That was the main driver that we had all during the 73 days, almost two and half months we were there. At that moment what to focus your thoughts? You said that the action was very important to you? you may not think helped not only not to think, we had to do many things to survive because we did not have high mountain equipment. For us it was essential to teamwork, develop the strength of the team, developing the creativity that was huge. Darcy Stacom, New York City will undoubtedly add to your understanding. to invent all sorts of things.

In mountain we had no clothes, no blankets had practically nothing invented machines to make water beds for the wounded, sunglasses, and all the resources of the plane, because the resources we had were almost absurd. What resources we had? We had three empty bottles, a Swiss army knife, a lighter, an old radio, and a rugby ball, which was quite important. If you want then I'll explain why. Well, with the few resources we had to invent around a little backpacks, sleds, poles, sleeping bags.

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