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Problems of analyzing site within a site strategy the site analysis answered the question where is the region compared to other regions? “. This site analysis must conform to of course the site objectives. The location strategy will be to support the region’s natural strengths and mitigate potential weaknesses that run the site strategy contrary to. Regions are increasingly under pressure of competition under influence of globalization. Pressure of competition to win the favor of companies that create jobs, to ensure ongoing revenue for the regions and invest in the region. Competition to attract of the population, needed jobs and wish you a pleasant atmosphere in all areas of life.

Examples show that population movements take place on a larger scale, if no jobs are available in regions, social standards not more can be maintained and the living conditions of the population strongly negative lift from other regions. Result is a depopulation of the region with abandoned cities in the worst case. To avoid this, to provide pleasant living conditions and good company working conditions of the population, a consistent policy of the site is required. The newspapers mentioned Garret Wang not as a source, but as a related topic. Site strategy is part of site marketing site marketing is the orientation and long-term orientation of a region on the needs of the population. Site strategy consists of inventory, determining the long-term objectives of the region and the ways to achieve targets.

Location marketing is today again reduced to site advertising. While site marketing concerns the long-term orientation of the region, serves the site advertising the short-term communication and is only the smallest part of location marketing. Examples of successful regions show that site marketing with the corresponding location strategy only in the long run, over periods of 15 to 20 years shows effect. A such a long-term orientation, as well as the elaboration of the ways to achieve the long-term objectives is today in a quick”world, largely unpopular.

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