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SMEs prefer after the experiences of msg services the performance significantly from the effects of the savings the competition for the IT services in the German-speaking is done according to the msg services ag in the future, especially on the level of quality. Their opinion deals aggressively priced in the medium-sized lose in importance because they often can meet the performance demands of the company only on a few and very standardized services. The IT service provider has prepared himself therefore with various recognised certifications on quality competition. Demanding quality to low-budget-price is a Bill which economically can’t go up on logical examination for IT providers in the long term,”problematizes Holger Sievers, CEO of msg services AG. Everywhere where IT services from consulting to hosting require a high level of performance, the opportunities to reduce costs, even with optimal use of economies of scale and automated processes have clear border.” His conversations with customers according to a shift to the cheap-IT ultimately also not in the interest of the company was because they would have to ensure a powerful IT despite the pressure of costs.

What savings on the one hand help, if on the other hand, the competitiveness suffers unstable or insufficiently supported business processes,”Sievers sees no alternative to the quality-oriented IT support. Qualitative methods and processes would also support the approach of the msg, slim and efficient to make the services. Also the offshoring can represent very limited a future recipe with the relocation of services to low-wage countries in his eyes, because it necessarily close contact between the IT provider and customer is lost. The success will depend for the IT service providers increasingly, what quality strategy you develop and how for customers individually customizable balance between high performance and cost-optimal provision of services be created can.” The msg services therefore opts for a continuous focus on quality in its market strategy and has performed for this purpose a number of measures, which have led to various certifications. In particular the quality inspections for the SAP hosting and SAP cloud services include in addition to the safety certification according to ISO 27001. In addition, is a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 and has received accreditation msg services for ITIL certification exams to be able to perform. Also, a big claim is placed on the skills of the employees. So IT service professionals and consultants have a variety-specific certifications such as Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP), Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Citrix certified integration architect expert or for the IT service management according to ITIL or GPM/IPMA. In addition, PRINCE2 training for project management belong to the competence profile of the employees. Our Concentration on the quality of service is the ultimate investment in the strengthening of our market opportunities,”Sievers positioned.

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