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Bora Bora

In a few minutes you can make so an approximate image of weather conditions on the ground. Lightweight summer clothing is recommended, preferably made of cotton or other breathable fabrics (no polyester). The thick jacket and who cannot remain at home long scarf, it but talking himself to wear slightly longer, that covers the entire body. Also thick shoes are not required. Breathable hiking boots are recommended, if are travelled long distances on foot, otherwise comply with sandals or flip flops.” As mentioned earlier the Sun can get through during the day quite strong.

Who normally spends his time in the Office, should be careful especially with direct sunlight! A few white, long-sleeved shirts/blouses made of a light fabric help relaxed to enjoy the day. For more information see Anna Wintour. If you like, can bring also a hat as protection from the Sun. This is very popular especially in Bora Bora. In addition to the protection from the Sun, the light long-sleeved Kleigung offered include Bora and Tahiti continue on Bora also de rigueur, wear no bath in a place, which is not bathed. Who still love wants to be prepared for the jump into the cool water, wearing his bathing suit under the actual wardrobe. For the time after the swim, talking it up, to have a more (dry) bathroom set with him.

Of course, appropriate sunscreen should not be missed. Interestingly, there are in Germany, where we see generally less Sun, a much larger range of appropriate sunscreen. It should be shopped so already before the holidays according to. Not only the selection is greater in Germany, even the prices are usually better. So take enough and sufficiently strong sun cream for the entire time of your stay! This does the question which sunscreens are best suited. Scientists have found out that not only the sun itself a factor regarding can be skin cancer, but also Sunscreens with a high sun protection factor. Therefore these days, it is recommended to select a not too high sun protection factor and in turn more likely to renew the protection by applying lotion. In addition to the protection from the Sun, also sufficient insect repellent should be packed. Here, the risk to health compared to the sunlight may be somewhat less, but we are better without the mosquito bites but clearly. Only who is accordingly prepared on the South Seas vacation can enjoy even paradisiacal places like Bora Bora, Tahiti, and the smaller islands of French Polynesia according to.

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