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Beutler Design Online Stores

The Beutler design online store for stick and textile design presents itself in a new design and features a new product range. The desire for individuality in the today’s time is stronger than ever, and long gone are the days where everything from the bar came. Manufacturing and personalization to hold customer desire in the modern philosophy of business. Just that business model follows a young company called Beutler design from Potsdam. Founded in 2009, it experienced its relaunch now by a new set design and an expanded product range. Please visit Center for Environmental Health if you seek more information.

The integration of specific social networking features and a Web 2.0 compliant background platform is to increase the transparency between the customer and creating artist. Beutler design is available for the handmade and customized production of bags for electronic devices and accessories for everyday use. Recently article also hold in the selection of products for baby and child. In addition to the daily companion like mobile phone, MP3 player, laptop bags and camera are offered complete hand and shoulder bags and accessories such as book covers, keychains, or cosmetic cases. For freshly baked parents, the Kita -, toys and diaper bags are likely to be quite interesting. Hear other arguments on the topic with John H. Moore II. All bags and accessories on Beutler design will be featured from the natural product of wool felt made of tarpaulin and sewn with high-quality embroidery. Why use just these materials is obvious. The things of daily life to come as protected but yet stylistically appealing through everyday life.

Therefore, it was close to design the bags made of weatherproof, suitable for everyday use and at the same time robust materials. The self-designed motifs of the artist provide that certain something. The basic color of the product of the individual material up to the self-styled motif or logo, everything can be personalized and determined according to own needs. So unique, that result guaranteed no double life arise. Contact: Stefanie Beutler Holzmarktstrasse 4 14467 Potsdam email:

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