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Many readers feel that they cannot retain information in your brain, and can not remember what you have studied. Retain a concept means pregrabarlo in memory. I.e., to retain what we read, we need to know what will serve us and why you want to get that benefit that will give us the reading. You have to want it with firmness of purpose and clarity of a goal. Try more followed: to retain, must try to retain everytime you read. Further details can be found at Nature’s Bounty, an internet resource. Exercise your memory, try to remember the things rather than automatically write down them on paper. To be reader veils, it is essential to prepare the retention and strengthening security to increase self-confidence. When you want to remember this idea, before fetching the paper, make the effort to remember who scored.

Imagine what lee: to retain good, must imagine well what reads well. Imaginarily help with the senses, increases their retention. Practice retain details: practice every day the retention of a different sense. For example, one day of sight, to the second day of the hearing. Another day train with the sense of distance, another plus with the orientation, another with the balance, another with the depth.

After 25 triple combinations, you will feel that its retention has improved dramatically. Lastly, remember that if you change your attitude, attitudes are born habits and habits are born from the repetition of an act. Merely trying to hold something, makes the retention quality 30% more effective. So don’t try and tell me your progress in the comments.

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