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Benefits Of Beer For Health

Provided that you consume with moderation, beer hides all kinds of antidotes against serious diseases. The beer an alcoholic, with a low degree of alcohol beverage, not distilled, bitter taste that is manufactured with grains of barley or other cereals, once modified, whose starch is fermented in water and often flavored with hops. It has a low content in calories do not contain fats or sugars and yes a significant amount of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins; so its consumption in moderation is beneficial for human health. Mainly due to the hops resins, promotes diuresis to stimulate the kidney, eliminating waste and therefore function the detoxification of the body. One or two glasses of beer, are preferable to sedatives and narcotics; beer provides health, narcotics destroy it. It would also help to control insomnia. Beer could delay menopause and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, some beer hops Phytoestrogens are particularly active to reduce bone loss which would increase the levels of calcitonin, besides Silicon containing beer favors the increase of bone mass, while other drinks with higher alcohol reduce it.

Hops contains flavonoids, antioxidants that suppress certain types of cancers in cell cultures. The body is subjected to a constant oxidative stress by endogenous agents of own cell, both by external agents (tobacco, drugs or nutritional habits). Also the beer shows a protective effect against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, which causes many gastric pathologies. The beer contains bitter compounds of hops, which are suitable to combat problems of digestion, are effective stimulating gastric, facilitate the digestion of food. On the other hand their sedative action provides a beneficial effect in neurovegetativos disorders. Has been observed that some people who cannot tolerate milk, nor acidic wines, but if tolerated well enough beer, perhaps by hops and the presence of carbonic acid.

The beer contains approximately 0.5 g of CO2 per 100 g. beer. Carbon dioxide promotes blood circulation in the buccal mucous membrane, promotes salivation, stimulates the formation of acid in the stomach and accelerates emptying of stomach, all favorable for good digestion. Mental deterioration is favored by moderate beer consumption due to its vasodilatory effect. It would reduce the risk of heart attack, found that consumption of a can of beer a day lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol and increased HDL (good) cholesterol concentration. Has also been shown that consumption moderate beer, both traditional and without alcohol, does not cause an increase of body weight, or changes in body composition, no increase in abdominal girth. The widespread myth that beer fattening should be declining, since it is one of the beverages with lower caloric intake, only 42 calories per 100 ml, far below the wine that reaches 82 calories and the Whiskey that 245 calories per 100 ml. To be low in calcium and magnesium-rich they decrease the risk of stones in the urinary tract. The beer contains potassium, sodium and calcium reduced levels and much magnesium which helps keep away heart diseases. Vitamin B12, folic acid and antioxidants that has are an important protection against cancer. It is convenient to maintain a responsible consumption and not think of this drink as a drug and take into consideration that excess alcohol can cause cirrhosis of the liver. Original author and source of the article.

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