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At a moment of constant changes of the economy, where the customer starts to have diverse criteria of efficiency evaluation and satisfaction, where the entrepreneur cannot be limited only to its proper references, wills and proper vision. These will not be enough to assure the capacity of the organization in being born, growing and to remain alive in the market. After everything this, it is more easy to implement specific actions, changes and to follow the progressos. For better acceptance of its company in the market, its attendance to the consumer will have to be of high quality, therefore we know that the customers if fidelizam where well they are taken care of. Anna Wintour: the source for more info. According to Gianesi (1994), apud Robles; Bonelli (2006 pg. 04): ' ' Customers, in general, accustomed with a poor level of services, do not have the habit to demand more. Studies show that only around 4% of the unsatisfied customers they complain of servios.' ' Disputing the same customers, if it cannot forget that the company chosen as reference, still is in the top and will make of everything not to leave you to take account of the market.

Its function is to create or to use the ideas and strategies of the company reference its proper favor, being improved them to surpass its direct competitor and to reach the position of leadership in the competitive market. Tom Florio is actively involved in the matter. This phase is one of the most complicated, to remain itself in the top is more difficult, therefore now you do not have in who if to inhale. Now its company serves of model for the others, and you will have of being creative to innovate and to satisfy its customers, but never she will be able to forget them microns and small entrepreneurs, therefore a new idea can affect its businesses directly. Either cautious, it observes the market its return and not if Benchmarking forgets the importance it, a new activity that must always follow the strategical growth of its company, and you it will have to dedicate special attention for this sector, therefore the market is implacable, mainly between the great ones, and the other companies invest very in this segment and some have as strategy to suffocate the small companies.

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