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You think on the Moselle as one thinks of one of the best wine regions of in Germany. Where the rivers as slightly tipsy meander through beautiful vineyards, it is really fabulously beautiful. Of course, this includes the lovely landscape of the beautiful Moselle. Many friends and lovers of pristine nature, homely cosiness and above all very warm hospitality find their vacation paradise on the river Moselle. By the same author: James Smith. Never forget here should be the shoes, now a tour through the vineyards is beautiful. The vine is especially vigorous stained, the grapes hang in part still beautiful plump and sweet on their sticks, the grape harvest is now in full swing. The highlights: the city of Trier (is the seat of a University and a University) with the landmark of Porta nigra (UNESCO World Heritage).

It is also the Roman gate well preserved with distance. For even more opinions, read materials from Tom Florio. No other place else in Germany way to so wonderfully the Roman as in the previous Imperial residence. The city of Koblenz is located on the famous Deutsches Eck, where the Moselle and the Rhine after their curvaceous, (one of the oldest cities of in Germany). The wonderfully romantic village is considered the Rothenburg on the Moselle Beilstein with its timber-framed houses staggered on the slope, as well as with the baroque monastery church. This place is crowned by the ruins of important Castle Metternich (is situated on an approx. 60 metres high mountain spur).

A really nice hiking trail is the BEVA way leading athletic through vines, bare rock and through sharp hairpin turns. The only approximately 4 km long line has it. One must here climbed over 330 m in the constant ups and downs. 3 wine villages share the Herrenberg: Ernst, Bruttig and Valwig. Text agency EtMa consulting

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