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Aromatherapy for Better Health

What is aromatherapy, and essential oils are used, since they are absorbed by the body, and what its main uses. Since ancient times nature has provided resources for the human being can regain or maintain their health, and it was in those times when there was no other resources such as technology, medicine or medical specialist the man had to use leaves, roots, fruits and seeds of plants, testing and experimenting but did not know how they worked, transmitting this knowledge from generation to generation. Today we have access to different sources of information and we also have studies that confirm how plants can help improve our health. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants that help with natural chemical in the field not only physically but also mentally. Aromatherapy, which many consider alternative therapy, it becomes an additional means to assist the individual in different situations counteract insomnia Reduce Reduce stress Alleviate anxiety depression pain Increase Remove Correct immunological defenses chronic stomach problems Other conditions but each plant has a characteristic aroma, a group of properties and particulars which can be used, and its own market value. It is important to note that essential oils can not be applied directly to the skin as they are highly concentrated so it will be diluted in other oils or water. Also can be combined with each other and produce synergies to make a more powerful and beneficial effect, and is precisely where science enters, creativity and art of aromatherapy to produce different blends.

The main method of application of aromatherapy is through a dilution in hot water, so water vapor mezcal with the essences are absorbed through the respiratory system. Another way in which these oils can be applied is through the skin using a blend of essential oils with oils carriers according to necessity, because the skin becomes a vehicle while a guard to enter compounds and properties that plants have to take risks without harmful side effects. These oils penetrate through small capillaries and are transported throughout the body via the bloodstream (in some cases takes only 20 minutes), and have the advantage that can be applied directly to the area treated and therefore their benefit is faster than a drug taken orally. Its main uses ranging from home, aesthetics, spas, physical therapy, sports performance, diseases of childhood or old age, special patient care, pet care, among others. Aromatherapy is now a topical issue in which each day more people want to know about the properties and different applications of essential oils and so enjoy all its benefits. Expert since 1995, Juliette Rivera is dedicated to educate and advise on this subject to professionals, distributors, and the general public.

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