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Another Victory For Visavia

VGH Hesse explains use of visavia admissible decision of 18.02.2009 the Hessian Administrative Court declared legally not verbietbar the use of consulting and distribution terminals visavia distribution of drugs that were not prescribed. It succeeded for the first time, for the delivery and consulting Terminal visavia already in the procedure of temporary legal protection (so not only in the main proceedings, which may still join) a court (and even the second instance) to move to admit the continued operation of the dispensing and advice Terminal visavia for non-prescribed medicines. Thus, it is now possible again, visavia to put the tax – advice Terminal and to use it for non-prescribed drugs accusing Frankfurt pharmacist, the operation of the visavia terminal was initially banned by an interim order. At the same time, the Hessian VGH, realized that the pharmacists through previous unlawful prohibiting of the use of the visavia a significant Damages for loss of profits. This damage will be subject of further proceedings. ROWA welcomes this judicial decision, which, shows no fundamentally radical concerns about the admissibility of the visavia for non-prescription products such as been the judgment of the VG Mainz from November 21, 2008 -. It is also gratifying that the Court recognizes the benefits of the visavia for the consumer. Literally the Court describes how visavia as a system that makes only an additional offer its pharmacy customers and thereby saved them possibly longer rides to a pharmacy having emergency services.” The approval of the terminals offer also an opportunity that the participants experience with the issue of medicines through a visavia Terminal could collect according to the Court.

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