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It is enough a little thing that has happened to us, can be a simple smile that pleased the heart. We need to learn to thank the small details of every day. When one looks inside and his life it is easy to see before the bad than the good. But remember to think negatively decrease our confidence in ourselves and worsens the difficult situations. A closed heart, closes the connection of our soul with the source of all happiness, joy and bliss.Good health, the ability to help others, and the support of good friends are important to be thankful reasons.All we can give thanks, the only thing we need is be prepared. Every day that gives us life is an opportunity to grow, thank this opportunity, it is certainly thanks to the doer that allows us. (Source: Sharon McNally).

Which is to say, always the appreciation with us, must emerge it and know that we must cultivate it, it generates happiness, harmony, peace. Thank entails OK and feel happy with what happens to us. Any experience it can be considered in two ways: with eyes from the lack or abundance. The be grateful attitude points to see the positive side of what surrounds us, sean situations, people. Definitely, we are reminded in writing on this topic, let us remember thank a: those who helped you to human sermas, from his way of being, more simple, more sensitive.He who timely and unexpected knew how to listen you comprehensively.Those with whom you shared your moments of game.One that will help you to reveal your inner wealth.He who made you be simple with his great kindness.Whoever you descubriste a day and I am in you.Whoever correcting you with love made you walk.One who encouraged you to fight with their tireless life.One who tirelessly I always hope the best of you.One requiring you to always making you grow into greatness.One that makes you feel important when you need it.Felt that still far close.One that makes you discover your truth with his disagreement.One who you know loves you and is always waiting for you.One who always encourages you to see the positive.He who loves you as you are encouraging you to grow.One who made with your need you that you felt only take in levels that brought us Maha Chohan in the regard that: A grateful heart is a radiant Center of light that contributes to the light of the world. No man can feel gratitude without emitting a vibrating energy action qualified harmoniously penetrating their own physical and internal bodies and then you stimulate the energies of those who contact him toward a spirit of equal gratitude for life and its many gifts there is no any individual so poor in spirit or in substance that cannot honestly found something so be grateful.

Cultivating the sense of gratitude towards the elements that will serve (water, air, Earth, sunlight) changes the vibratory action of their personal world and opens the doors of his soul to the Supreme source that has provided him with life, intelligence, and be. In short, we are reminded, that thanks should perhaps come a clear conscience and a perfect knowledge of the laws of life. Then you have the Alchemic power to transform the situations and mental States. Original author and source of the article.

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