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What Is Asthma

Allergic asthma Allergic sensitivity people suffer from it and it is caused by external allergens. The consequences are disneas (shortness of breath) and fatigue. Asthma is often preceded by coughing or allergic rhinitis. The causes of allergic asthma attacks are typically fungal spores, dust, household, hair and skin remains of animals or pollen. To inspire allergens, the Filterqueen immune system responds with a reaction in the bronchial tubes. The asthmatic tends to have an inherited tendency to produce an excess of antibodies.

The presence of an excess of histamines inflamed mucous membranes and generates mucus. This is often the most common box, however, allergic asthma can also be caused by fatigue, physical and psychic, and viruses. DIAGNOSIS and therapy we are dealing with a disease which, in certain circumstances, can be fatal, therefore, is imperative to be diagnosed and treated by specialized physicians who also used Filter queen. Specific asthma medicines either suppress the immune system in the region of the bronchial tubes, either expand the Airways. Specific asthma medicines they suppress the immune system in the bronchial region, either expand the Airways, like as Filterqueen air purification systems. Certain allergens, such as for example pollen, can be treated with hiposensibilizadoras therapy in which a small increasing doses of the allergen is supplied to the asthmatic during a relatively long period (a minimum of three years). In case of success, the allergy may disappear completely. Sometimes, asthma also disappears by itself.

In children, for example, his sudden disappearance towards the seven years is quite frequent. However, these methods do not always work, why you should usually follow a few basic tips. Tips: Avoid contact with allergens as far as possible. When vacuuming your home, use HEPA filters. Specialized vacuum cleaners and air quality systems, lead them as per example of Filterqueen. Avoid breathing cold air, fog and dust in general. Use anti-mite bedding and mattresses. If you smoke, quit. Learn respiratory gymnastics and relaxation techniques.

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