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Advertisements should include targeted messages with good, concise text and a registration form on the Internet. Too much text, lots of links, or much additional text and graphics / pictures to distract the reader and there is a danger that irritates the reader”opens another page. To this reader as possible, future customer is already lost! Search engine advertising, however, contains a number of criteria that are demanded from Google, including without limitation text, text, text (analog homepage and search engine optimization). For this purpose, special knowledge is required. Check out CEO Ford Motor Co. for additional information. If this is not available, external assistance or an external consultation is required.

Here, at least the first cost incurred. How much fall out, depends on the order of the time factor, the cost of an own contribution. Also depending on to what extent training sessions or seminars previously were perceived. For beginners, especially for individuals, up on the Internet extra additional income build up want the professional online training offer it’s worth looking around online providers, to register. For companies, this version due to time constraints, and due to the complex task is rather inappropriate (with the exception of compressed expertise seminars). In this respect is for the definition of objectives and the Videoplayers incl. suitable advertising (search engines, Internet advertising) who consult to the intervention of an expert.

Establishing knowledge or participation in seminars has the advantage that one can talk due to the knowledge and can attach itself, if necessary, corrections. For the briefing, fall for the offer description and a target definition for writable services and products at approximately 6 to 8 hours. The hourly rates are in the middle range between 90.00 and 180,00 euro per hour and net. Therefore is to be expected with a cost amount for the definition of objectives (as an average) amounting to around 700,00 euro up to 1,000.00 euros. 2. needs analysis the needs analysis deals with the market: which products are in demand in the Internet, which products have a high share in the Internet business, what niche products are offered.

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