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Amygdala. Produce lymphocytes. Located on the rear upper wall of the nasopharynx. They represent the accumulation of diffuse lymphoid tissue containing the small size of the denser cell masses – lymphoid nodules. The lymphatic system. Is a system of branching in the organs and tissues of the lymphatic capillaries, lymphatic vessels, trunks and ducts. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ford on most websites. The lymphatic system is closely related to circulatory system and tissue fluid, which carries a supply of nutrients to various cells. Lymph carries the blood products of metabolism, and also contains protective cells (lymphocytes) that absorb various pollution.

Lymph nodes are located in the flexor surface of the body and act as protective 'filter', which produced cells, immune bodies, as well as the destruction of pathogens occurs bacteria. Lymph flow is necessary to eradicate the effects of inflammation and injury. Spleen (lien). Located in the abdominal cavity in the left hypochondrium, at the level of ix to xi rib has the shape of a flattened and elongated hemisphere. The spleen receives arterial blood from the splenic artery, which is divided into several branches. Cleans up the blood, removing 'old' cells. When injected into the human body the bacteria (in blood or tissue), it confronted with special cells – phagocytes.

Specific receptors on the surface of phagocytes provide the opportunity to immediately learn a foreign body and cling to it. Next is the process of absorption of 'hostile' cells. To accelerate work provides release of histamine and serotonin, which dilate the blood vessels. A side effect of tissue swelling occurs at the site of penetration of infection (swelling) and fever.

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