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The Blood

Sudden changes in climate causes the body to expend energy on adjustment, adaptation. Sedentary lifestyle. Some people believe that a constant lack of vitality and energy they need to save: to do less unnecessary movements, "not to strain your brain." But if this were so, the most energetic athletes would be those that are less energy as possible spent on training and clarity of mind and flexibility would be observed in those who are not used. But the human body – a complex living system. He has a skill adapt to stress, increasing its capacity of energy storage and the ability to more effectively use its existing reserves. Limiting your activity gradually lead you to the intolerance of even minor physical activity, and avoidance of mental labor will only weaken memory and intelligence.

Of course, this does not mean that we should cough up power at all costs. As in everything else, here it is important to adhere to measure. Lack of motion leads to stagnation in the circulation, and thus tissues, cells, organs get enough nutrients from the blood and the excretion of by-products of cell activity is difficult, that leads to accumulation of toxins. Psychological factors. This is perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to people in a state of fatigue. Waiting for something bad, dangerous, all sorts of unconscious fears keeps the body in a constant pressure, resulting in you react violently to even the most insignificant, irrelevant to the case of stimuli at the same time, losing sight of what really may be important.

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